DIY Knitted headband

This headband was super simple to make if you know the basics of knitting.




  • start by casting on 12 stitches then knitting as if  you are making a thin scarf.
  • Keep knitting till it is the right length to wrap around your head (don’t make it too long, go shorter if necessary so it doesn’t fall off when you wear it).
  • Then cast off. Next connect the two ends of the headband using a piece of yarn and weaving through both end of the headbands in order to complete the circle.
  • Next, cast on four stitches and knit about two inches then casted off.
  • Then work on attaching the sides of the last, 2 inch piece onto the head band but instead of created a circle by itself, place the smaller  2 inch piece on top of the headband placed perpendicular so when you attach the ends it will create a circle around the headband.
  • then attached the sides of the small circle the same way as you attached the large.
  • make sure when you wear your new head band the the little piece you added is on top of the seam in order to hide it. 

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