Rustic Apple Crostata

On the rare occasion that we have fruit in our house long enough for it to go bad, recipes like this Apple Crostata are a perfect way to use up any of those little imperfections. Before this I have never made a crostata, not for fear or difficulty, but because my family goes crazy for a good simple apple pie or crisp. Now that I finally got a chance to branch out a little I decided to give it a try.



This was probably one of the simplest baking recipes out there. Although I don’t have an exact recipe to give you all you need to make it is your favorite pie crust recipe, an optional jam layer(I used peach only because I was trying to use it up), apple pie spices, and a little egg wash. Thats really it, so quick and simple and the more rustic it looks the better, well thats what I tell myself anyways. Next time you have a few flawed apples, break away from a traditional pie or crisp and try an super simple crostada. But Im warning you, It might be gone as soon as you take it out of the oven, I had to fend some people off to let me get a few pictures.


an artsy one for the road


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