Vegan Chocolate Tofu Pie


Before you make some weird reaction to the fact that this Vegan Chocolate Pie has tofu in it, trust me and give this recipe a try.  This pie is so rich and creamy and chocolatey you would be surprised by how simple and quick this recipe really is. I embarrassingly ate half the pie, by myself, in one day. So just to warn you, this pie is highly addictive, but don’t let that stop you from quickly whipping one up.

I roughly followed Alton brown’s Mooless Chocolate Pie recipe but cut the recipe in half, used regular graham crackers, and omitted the coffee liquor.

Side Note:  I wanted to take a picture after every bite.. however you may notice the lack of pictures between the the last and second to last picture. I was too busy stuffing my face with pie to stop and take a picture. Its really not my fault, the pie was just too good.