Cake Pops

Cake Pops are so adorable! There are so many shapes and designs possible. However since this was my first time attempting them I figured I would start simple, like circle simple.  They were a lot tricker then one may think to get them smooth and neat. But I’m happy how they turned out and think they will be perfect for a tea party tomorrow.  Recipe wise I used the leftover cake I had from my earlier post and it ended up being even more delicious in pop form! All I did was crumble up the cake with the frosting on it for a perfect consistency then followed this tutorial.

chocolate-chocolate cake pops


New Years Eve Lucky Food Superstitions

  • Spain: Twelve grapes at midnight, sweet grapes=lucky month, sour grapes=unlucky month
  • South: Black-eyed peas, invites good fortune
  • Italy: Lentils, little seeds represent wealth
  • circular foods, bring luck
  • Lucky coin bread, coin is baked in bread and brings luck to the person that finds it
  • Japan: Soba, simbolizes longevity
  • Food shaped like coins, bring prosperity
  • Greens (such as collards), bring luck
  • Pork, high in fat and rich in happiness
  • Cornbread, represents gold

*Im not sure if it is possible to overdose on luck.

list with recipes from martha stewart

Bruce-y Bogtrotter

I am sure that every person who has ever watched the movie Matilda has been both repulsed and enticed watching the scene with Bruce Bogtrotter and the chocolate cake. Since my family seems to be more enticed by the moistness and chocolate-y-ness of the giant cake rather then the shear disgust of the overall situation I have attempted the challenge and seemed to have fallen short.Though my cake looks like a decent chocolate cake I failed in capturing the gooey sticky feeling you get from watching the movie. So I am left with a somewhat delicious chocolate cake with yummy fudge frosting(I used shortening). I hope you will attempt the challenge sometime in the future succeed unlike moi. 


For my first recipe I thought I would share one of my families favorites! Nothing is better then a warm bagel straight from the oven in the morning. I used the following recipes from The Fresh Loaf the bagels we delicious as I’m sure my family would agree. This recipe is perfect to make the night before and boil and bake in the morning. But be aware boiling bagels can be dangerous..

Christmas Recap

Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the family, food and decorations.  every year the day after thanksgiving I wake up early to prepare the house for Christmas and every year I decorate a little too much. Since Christmas was yesterday I figured I would start there and recap the festivities through pictures.