Wolfgang Puck Cafe

My mom took me to Florida over the past week for vacation. Since we are no longer obsessed with the parks we decided we would have a more relaxing, eating and shopping type of vacation. Our second day there we went to Downtown Disney to walk around. For years my mom has told me about this smoked salmon pizza that they serve and since I love smoke salmon we decided to go there for lunch. We ordered the pizza (of course) and chinous salad. The salad is a cabbage based salad lightly dressed with an asian vinaigrette, roasted cashews, and fried wontons to top it off. It was refreshing and crisp and so good. My mom told me that there was a lot of smoked salmon on the pizza but i didn’t expect the pizza to be covered in it. The pizza had plain pizza dough with a creme fraiche and dill sauce, smoke salmon covering every inch, and some chopped scallions to top it off. It was perfectly cooked and the two together we so refreshing and so good. If you are ever near one of his restaurants I strongly suggest you stop in. Please enjoy some pictures while trying to resist myself from digging in.


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